Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do you donate money to charity?

A - We do not give any funds to charitable organisations. Instead, a percentage of every sale goes towards funding the purchasing of goods for our 3 main initiatives – feeding animals in need, helping the homeless and protecting the environment.

Q - Can I donate to one of your causes?

A - The only way to ‘donate’ through our company is to purchase products from our apparel line.

Q- Can I volunteer?

A - Yes, you can. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information on how you can lend a helping hand. Everyone is welcome.

Q - Does your company follow sustainable practices?

A - Not only is our packaging biodegradable, but we also recycle our office supplies and any packaging materials we receive.

Q - Do you have a retail store?

A - No, we only sell our apparel online. Being an online business keeps costs down which helps us support meaningful initiatives.

Q - Where do you ship to?

A - We mainly ship to locations throughout the UK, Europe and North America. While we are able to ship to any location worldwide this will incur an additional fee.

Q - Can I request that the profits of my purchase go towards helping a specific cause?

A - Yes, you can choose to support 1 of our 3 initiatives: animal shelters, the homeless or conservation, with your purchase.

Q - Can I track my order?

A - Yes, the option to track your order is available during checkout at the shipping options stage.