About Robin Hoods Apparel

We are a clothing company dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. We create and sell quality casual wear and use the sale of these items to support our work with social and environmental responsibility initiatives. With each clothing purchase you make, we give back - and the best bit is that you can choose which cause your purchase supports. We are a clothing brand with an ethical mindset, on a mission to make a difference.

Vision for a Better Future

What if all businesses pledged to work together to make the world a better place? Imagine the enormous positive impact this would have. Climate change, homelessness and many other social ills would be a thing of the past. This is our vision – to actively work towards a better future by supporting local and global initiatives, and giving our customers the opportunity to help us do it. Looking good has never before felt so good.

How Does It Work?

When purchasing an item from our online store, we will give something back towards supporting our initiatives. Whether it’s helping the homeless with daily necessities, purchasing food for rescued animals or funding conservation outreach projects, your purchase will genuinely make a difference.

We do not donate money, rather, we give something more precious – our time and effort - providing precisely what is needed to make an immediate difference. Our staff along with a team of dedicated volunteers, buy the goods that initiatives need to help their cause and deliver it directly to the organisations.
We also cook from scratch and hand deliver hot meals for homeless communities.

Our Commitment

Creating Value

Doing good doesn’t have to look shabby. We believe clothing with ethics should be modern, super comfy, good quality and have a unique style.

Growing Awareness

Wearing Robin Hoods Apparel makes the world aware that you support a clothing brand with ethics - supporting good causes with each product ordered.

Making a Difference

Support an innovative clothing company with ethics who are using their position to make a difference in the world, one good cause at a time.

Looking to get involved?

We welcome any eager volunteers to help us make the world a little better. Follow us on SOCIAL MEDIA to learn more.

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