We Give Back

Proceeds from each clothing item you buy go towards funding our three main social responsibility projects. When you make your purchase you can choose which of our causes you want your order to support - at no extra cost.

3 Ways We Make a Difference

1. Feeding Animals at Risk

Most animal shelters rely fully on donations received from the community around them. The funds they receive often rarely cover their basic expenses leaving a lack of money to do much more. We make an immediate difference by purchasing animal feed and delivering it directly to the shelters who are in need, ourselves. This way we can be sure that we are supply what they need to make a difference.

2. Supporting the Homeless

We believe that every single person has the right to basic human necessities such as a warm bed, food and comfortable clothes. This is why we cook from scratch and hand deliver hot meals straight to the people who are in need of them. In this way we are able to make an immediate difference to people who need it and have the opportunity to talk to them in person so that we can make sure what we are doing is really what they need. This direct communication helps us to steer or future giving plans.

3. Saving the Planet

The importance of protecting our natural environment cannot be stressed enough and is one of the causes we are most passionate about. Faced with the reality of climate change, mass extinction and rainforest eradication, conservation is a cause we can all rally behind. As a clothing brand with ethics our work to support this area is absolutely essential and we're always looking at ways we can do more to be the change we want to see.

Clothing brand with ethics helping feed animals at risk Clothing brand with ethics helping to save the environment Clothing brand with ethics supporting good causes with each purchase