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Today we wanted to share with you a little about some of the conservation work we are able to support thanks to your purchases of our clothing, proving that being a clothing brand with ethics really can make a difference.

Supporting The World Land Trust

The World Land Trust is simply amazing and is endorsed by none other than Sir David Attenborough! They buy various portions of land - some in danger - and work with local agencies to preserve the land as well as the people and the proper use of the land. Some land is purchased to be left alone to secure it's future whilst some is purchased to enable endangered species to use it to extend their 'home' area. By supporting the World Land Trust we can secure land for generations to come.

Making a difference

When you make a purchase from us, not only can you be satisfied that you are receiving an excellent quality product, but that you are supporting a company which is actively making a difference. With each clothing item you buy, you can choose from three good causes to help us support, conservation being just one of them. Keep an eye on our blog for future posts discussing the other causes that we support and our plans for the future.
The Robin Hoods Team