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We've been very busy here at Robin Hoods Apparel HQ working on our next stage plan to make up some basic toiletries bags which we can donated to homeless shelters.

Whilst feeding the homeless is a hugely important focus for us, especially as we enter Autumn and hot meals become even more important, toiletries enable simple self-care that most people take completely for granted as we live in a world where these items are readily available to us. Something as simple as cleaning your teeth makes a big difference to how you feel and even to your health.

So we are on a mission to make sure that homeless people too are given the same opportunity for self-care. Toiletries along with clean, fresh socks and undies often get forgotten and it’s our plan to start helping to fill that gap.

We’ll keep you posted as our plans progress, but if you have any ideas of essentials we could add to the bags then please do comment below 👇 - we always love to hear from you.
The Robin Hoods Team